Our Wedding

A wedding in the dead of winter has its perks and its downfalls. The coldest New Year’s Eve in 60 years. An obvious downfall. The cold giving us the perfect amount of snow. Huge perk. Not pictured, the ice cold wind and frozen toes. Downfall. Marrying your soulmate. Ultimate perk to supercede all downfalls.

Here’s a closer look at the details of our big day…

Kicking things off with wedding attire and accessories. Nick knew he wanted us to push the limit. I on the other hand, took a little bit of convincing. As someone who genuinely likes to blend in, I had to continually think ‘Stand out’. That concept started with my wedding dress. About a year prior to our wedding day, my parents and I drove 2 hours south to a boutique called Bridal Garden in Southern New Jersey. We went specifically for the designer, Watters. I knew this brand had both ‘stand out’ dresses and not so stand out dresses, just in case they were too outside my comfort zone. In the end I fell in love with the most stand out dress in the line (Watters style Ferrera). A dress I knew Nick would love and most importantly I felt like a bride in.  My dress has gorgeous beads that hang from every part of it. I knew that meant I’d opt for less jewelry but I could still get away with a ‘stand out’ headpiece for my hair. So my mom, aunt and I traveled to Brooklyn, NY to a store thats known for its stand out headpieces, Bridal Styles Boutique. I chose one that could be manipulated a few different ways depending on if my hair was up or down. Pictured, I have it wrapped around the back of my head. Later in the night, when my hair was pulled up into a party pony, I wore it as a headband. Two different looks from one headpiece. Definite perk. My shoes were purchased online from a website called Bella Belle Shoes (Style Bow Tulle Wedding Heels-Elise Ivory). They delivered fast, the sizing was on point and they looked absolutely gorgeous. Perks all around. My sheer cape was made literally two days before our wedding by my seamstress/dress maker/all around wonderful person, Dot Wolfe. Five days before our wedding I ran to JoAnn’s fabric store, purchased fourteen yards of a softer tulle, showed Dot one picture of what I had in mind and she magically created exactly what I was hoping for.

At this point, I felt like I was on overdrive in the ‘stand out’ department, so I focused on low key jewelry that still caught your eye. I stumbled upon a website called Mejuri a few months ago and being the gold obsessed girl that I am, fell in love with their fairly priced jewelry. I chose the same simple, gold rings for numerous fingers and stacked them accordingly. As for earrings, different gold studs adorned my ears and have now become my new favorites. I strayed away from the classic wedding French mani, grew my nails super long and against the better judgement of my nail lady, I wore Essie color Bordeaux, a deep wine/oxblood color (my favorite). My bouquet was a mix of red roses and hanging amaranthus (also my favorite). Overall I’m glad Nick wanted me to stand out because it forced me outside my comfort zone. Towards the end, it was so easy to pick the ‘stand out’ option because I think it was what I really wanted all along.

Now that I wrote a novel about my attire and accessories. Let’s spend two sentences talking about Nick’s. Kidding. But seriously his outfit took all of five seconds to figure out. Guys have it so easy! Keeping with the stand out theme… we took our two loves, his being pushing the limit in fashion and mine being the color oxblood and smushed them together to reveal the beauty that is Nick on our wedding day. Viola! He randomly found his jacket online at Hugo Boss and we both instantly said ‘That’s it’. A few days later we ventured into New York City to the BOSS Store located in Columbus Circle and luckily purchased the last oxblood, velvet, smokers/dinner jacket in stock. Yes, that is a mouthful. It was an easy buy once we saw Nick dressed head to toe in Hugo Boss. Right down to his black velvet loafers, no socks (a very important detail to Nick and I later ended up loving). Within 30 mins we had Nick’s outfit decided, loved and bought!

To complete our ‘Stand out’ theme we had our entire bridal party in black (flower girls included). Nicks groomsmen rented their tuxes from Generation Tux, an online store that was super easy to work with. My ladies bought their dresses, each very different, from a store in northern New Jersey called Something Special Bridals. They each braved the cold with a black faux fur we bought off Amazon just 2 days before our big day (thank goodness for Amazon Prime).

As for our amazing vendors…

To give guests the first glimpse of our wedding we went with Paper Works and Events.  Andrea and Alison helped create stationary that got our guests excited and set the tone for our New Year’s Eve wedding.

Getting an amazing picture of a 20 person bridal party could only be captured by our incredible photographer, Janelle. She took on so many roles this day. Photographer, personal compliment giver, bouquet and dress holder, important person finder, the list goes on and on.

Our videographers who you wouldn’t even have known were there because they quietly snuck around, Steve and Jane from Color Room Films. And so far, we’re loving the sneak peaks from our video!

Matthew at Atlas Floral Decorations took our dream of a romantic winter wedding and turned it into a reality with beautiful bouquets, centerpieces, goblets, black tablecloths, candles (everywhere) and even a greenery wall with an ‘A’ for Aust in white flowers.

Sal Rametta from IReserve Entertainment kept our wedding dancing until 1am with a slew of talented people. DJ’s and musicians galore! Our wedding from start to finish was filled with music.

Nick and I had our reception at the Westmount Country Club in Woodland Park, NJ. They went above and beyond to make sure the day/night went smoothly, that Nick and I were happy and that guests left feeling completely stuffed!

I truly have never felt more beautiful than on my wedding day and I have Michele (Makeup by Michele Eva) and Jess (Beyoutiful Bride) to thank for that. Their talent is out of this world! In total they had 12 ladies to put together (plus two very excited flower girls) not only did they finish everyone with time to spare but all 12 (plus 2!) loved their hair and makeup. When does that ever happen?!

Nick and I will forever thank these vendors. They each played such a vital part in making our day what it was. Their jobs aren’t easy by any means, but they are so appreciated. Thank you all for making our dreams come true!

Nick and I can honestly say our wedding was the most incredible day of our lives. Saying our vows in front of our loved ones will be something we will always hold in our hearts. Every person that came together (vendors and guests included) to make our day what it was, to share in our love for each other and to ring in the new year alongside of us… Our hearts are filled because of you. Thank you!!

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