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Over the past 6 months of travel we’ve learned quite a few lessons but I think the one that stands out the most is that you don’t have to look the same, live in the same place, follow the same religion or speak the same language to be kind. Kindness has the power to bridge all of the aspects that keep people to themselves.
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-Holding a door for someone who has their hands full
-Helping someone get their bag down from an overhead bin
-Inviting someone to dinner that gets into town late
-Giving directions when you see someone that’s clearly lost

We have been given an abundance of kindness during these past 6 months. So with that we want to highlight a family that has been especially kind to us, the Settepani family. 2 months ago they invited us to their restaurant to celebrate gaining 10k followers on our Instagram. The gesture was extremely kind but it didn’t stop there! Over the past 2 months we’ve learned just how giving the Settepani family is and it starts right at their restaurant in the heart of Harlem…

Ristorante Settepani has been dishing out delicious Italian/Mediterranean food for the past 20 years. Not only do they strive to feed the people of New York (and where ever else you call home!) amazing food but they also make it their mission to give back to the community.

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The moment you enter the restaurant you feel as though you’re in an art gallery.

We couldn’t help but comment on how many beautiful pieces were on each wall. We were told very nonchalantly, ‘Oh that’s something we’ve been doing for forever. Each month artists put their pieces in our restaurant and we let customers know each piece is for sale.’ Obviously our next question was ‘Do you charge them?’.

Hearing them reply, ‘No. It’s just to help artists out.’, surprised us even more!

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As the day went on and more delicious food came out and even more delicious food came out we learned that this was nothing new for Antonio Settepani and Leah Abraham. This is just who they are. They look to feed the community not only through good food but through creative outlets as well.

But back to the food part…

We were overloaded with amazing wines, avocado toast, a smorgasbord of appetizers, New Zealand lamb chops stuffed with fontina cheese and Spaghetti Di Mare baked in parchment paper (which was quite the show!).
To end our feast they told us they had a cake

celebrating 10k for us waiting at their bakery, also called Settepani. So we drove over to Williamsburg to pick it up.

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This bakery has it all, specialty cakes, the classic Italian cookies and pastries, holiday specialities, breakfast baked goods, they have it all.

So it’s no surprise the cake they constructed for us was over the top and covered in pastries! Our favorite! Overall we can’t thank everyone over at Settepani (restaurant and bakery) enough!

The food was delicious, the atmosphere was inviting and creative, the prices are absolutely reasonable and when you dine at Settepani you’re supporting a family that supports the communities throughout the New York area!

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