Himalayan Glacier


Welcome back to our blog! Sorry for our absence here but the last few weeks of our travels unfortunately didn’t offer up great/any wifi at times. We’re currently in NJ for a few more days so we’ll be taking advantage of the unlimited wifi here and writing quite a few posts about the last 4 months. So stay tuned for more!

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Since we’ve been home we’ve been asked a bunch of questions about our trip. We figured our first blog post back should be about one of our most unforgettable experiences …

Standing in front of Mount Everest !

Throughout the past 4 months of traveling we tried our best to be cost conscious. Eating in. Staying in cheaper Airbnb’s. Walking just about everywhere we could. But there were a few things we wanted to splurge on. Mount Everest being number one.

It was without a doubt worth every penny (And there were manyyyyy pennies involved).

About a week before we landed in Nepal, Nick reached out to a company called Himalayan Glacier. They’re a touring and trekking company located in the Himalayan regions of Bhutan, India, Nepal and Tibet. They’ve been around since the early 1990’s and they absolutely know what they’re doing. From the moment Nick was in contact with Himalayan Glacier, we knew we wanted to use their company. They’re reliable, punctual, honest and much more. We truly felt as though they wanted us to experience the best of Nepal. And they definitely made that happen for us.

2018-03-02 23.24.46After a few days in Nepal, we met with Naba from Himalayan Glacier at their local office. We talked about what we wanted from this experience, planned a route, talked about timing at each spot we would go to and lastly pricing. We explained to Naba the concept behind Marry Me In and how I would need to wear my wedding dress while in the helicopter. Because of the high altitude we could only be at each location for just a few minutes. (Our pilot actually flew with an oxygen mask on.) We were advised that we would only have about 5 minutes at each of the two locations to take wedding dress pictures. At first we were kinda bummed with the time allowed. 

How could we possibly take pictures that fast?! Well, we quickly realized how naive we were. It was SO hard to catch our breath. Our pilot sat in the helicopter with his oxygen mask laughing (and helicopter still on so we could jump in and take off as quickly as possible) as Nick and I fell through the snow trying to get a good picture. At one point Nick was so light headed he was snapping pictures without looking at the camera. We were dizzy and out of breath but still managed to get pictures and take a minute to just stop and take in what we were looking at.

Our first stop was to Kala Patthar (a region that provides the most accessible view of Mount Everest) and the second, Gokyo Lakes. (In the warmer months the Gokyo Lakes are a beautiful light blue color, but while we were there they were completely frozen over with snow.) Our last destination was to Mount Everest View Hotel. We were able to drink coffee and have breakfast while looking out to a view of Mount Everest. The hotel has only a few rooms and sits at about 13,000 feet high, making it the highest placed hotel in the world (according to the Guinness Book of World Records).

If you’re confused as to why we didn’t land directly on Mount Everest or at the base of the summit (Everest Base Camp), don’t worry we were too at first! The real reason is that they will not allow it as very few helicopters have been successful in flying to the top of Mount Everest due to the risky conditions. On the other hand, flying to Everest Base Camp (one of the two base camps that are located on opposite sides of Mount Everest) is possible but still uncommon as you cannot actually see Everest from the camp (as it is hidden behind other Himalayan mountains). So why didn’t we just hike it?  Well to get to Base Camp by foot it’s about a 2 week trek, you’d need an experienced guide to lead you and majority of people train for a few months before hand. Because of the limited time we had in Nepal and the fact we were stuffing our faces with food the past few months we opted out of the 2 week marathon trek and took the lazy way of seeing Mount Everest…by helicopter. That’s where Himalayan Glacier came in and the best part is they have numerous options depending on what type of experience you are looking for!

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As I said before this is something we planned and saved for. We knew this was a once in a lifetime experience and both Nick and I agreed the price would be worth it. From the moment we took off in the helicopter we saw beautiful sight after beautiful sight. Snow covered mountains, villages along the mountain sides and deep valleys with cascading rivers. If we could give everyone the gift of what we experienced that day we would. As weird as it sounds I was seriously brought to tears so many times. Mount Everest sat in front of us, something majority of people don’t get to see. It was incredibly humbling.

If your dream is to see Mount Everest we can assure you you won’t be disappointed. Especially if you go through Himalayan Glacier. The knowledge they have of the region far exceeds those of other companies as well as the way they treat you.

A big thank you to Himalayan Glacier and Naba for all their help and hospitality!

And a big thank you to you for taking the time to read this! We know a lot of you really care and are so interested with were we are in the world and that means so much to us!

Nick and Zoe