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Captiva Island

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This will be our first blogpost of 3 describing the Fort Myers/Sanibel/Captiva areas of southwest Florida.

And if you couldn’t tell by the caption…we’re starting off with CAPTIVA!

So lets jump right in!

DSC09902 copyWe stayed directly on Captiva Island at a place called ‘Tween Waters Island Resort and Spa. We had no complaints with our stay! Tween Waters offers a variety of room/cabin sizes depending on the number of people you’re traveling with. If you head to our Instagram you’ll find our Fort Myers ‘Highlight’ that will take you through the exact cabin we stayed in. If you’re traveling to the area with a large size party (or small children!) these cabins are perfect for you! Especially if you aren’t looking to eat every meal out. We always find having a kitchen and specifically a refrigerator key for saving a few extra bucks while traveling.

‘Tween Waters is located directly across the street from a beautiful beach on the Gulf of Mexico that we HIGHLY suggest watching the sunset at. We experienced sunsets in all three locations and we can honestly say it was the most incredible in Captiva. The entire sky is painted and it seems to go on forever as it directly sets on the waters of the Gulf. One night we grabbed a bottle of wine from The Island Store and an entire pizza from the only pizza place on the island (Captiva Pizza, Yogurt and Gift) which was actually really, really good!). We had a relaxing dinner while watching a beautiful sunset. If you’re looking to eat every meal out, Captiva has some amazing restaurants for every meal. Our first night in Captiva we ate at the Bubble Room, a restaurant with A LOT of flair. DSC08251 copy 2The food was incredible! (highly suggest the gumbo!) Be sure to walk throughout, there’s lots to see on every wall. And be sure to bring your appetite because you will leave absolutely stuffed!
For brunch spots be sure to head over to Keylime Bistro. We’re still thinking about the French toast, eggs benedict and Bloody Mary’s we had! For a small meal and great wine we ate at Sunshine Seafood, a café and wine bar. The scallop appetizer we had was phenomenal. We celebrated our last night there (and Nick’s birthday!) at the Mucky Duck. Be sure to put your name down early because the place is almost always packed! While we were waiting to be called we walked the beach as the sun set, then headed back to the restaurant for some delicious comfort food! Oh and for all your coffee needs there is a Starbucks on the island! On the backside of ‘Tween Waters is Pine Island Sound a bay filled with beautiful marshes, clear, calm water and home to many creatures! We loved that Tween Waters has kayaks and paddle boards right on hand that you can take out for hours of adventuring. Along with plenty of bikes to ride along the flat coastline. We’d ride bikes for a few hours, exploring the side streets and different beaches. Stopping to admire cacti and gorgeous old trees whose branches and vines completely cover the street in a thick canopy of greenery.

When you’re tired of all the activities and need a few hours of kicking back and enjoying the sun, head to the long stretch of beach that surrounds the entire island. We’d walk the beach for miles getting lost in each person that was out catching fish and scouring the sand for sea glass and shells. If you’re looking for a bit of adventure on the water we’d suggest renting either a boat or jet ski for a few hours.

Untitled-1333 copy As long as you’re born before January 1st, 1988 you don’t need a boating license in the state of Florida. If you’re born on or after that date all you need to do is fill out and pay for the short online course, which you can find here!

Then you’re ready to get out on the water! If renting isn’t your style we’d suggest either hiring a boat taxi for a few hours or at least taking a larger cruise somewhere. There are numerous boat taxi companies in the area and the best part about them is that they know the water. So if you’re looking for a specific sand bar that only pops up during low tide, chances are they know where to find it. The one pictured is located off of the northern tip of Plantation Beach Club. And there are many more like it in the area!

On one of our last days in Captiva we headed out with to an island called Cabbage Key. The cruise is extremely informative about the surrounding area and we ended up learning a lot we would have never known otherwise! The cruise picked us up and dropped us off at the marina in the Plantation Beach Club. DSC08276 copyWhich was great because we otherwise wouldn’t have been allowed in on account of not being guests of the resort. Everything in the Planation Beach Club is paid for by key card, hence the no outside guests rule. When pulling into the marina we saw entire manatee families just swimming along peacefully! We then decided this was probably our only opportunity to walk the grounds and see what the resort and beach offered to guests! Planation Beach Club is really beautiful and we’ll definitely be keeping it in mind as a possible stay for the future!

After 5 days in Captiva (and the surrounding areas) we were definitely sad to leave. Our trip was filled with adventure, relaxation, amazing food, activities and exploration! Honestly everything you could ever want from a vacation! We hope this blog post helped give a little insight into Captiva and as always, be sure to reach out if you have any questions! You can also click HERE for more information on the area!

And stay tuned, Fort Myers and Sanibel blog posts are also coming soon!





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