seychelles7.jpegWe ended our 10 month honeymoon trip (yes, we do know this isn’t normal) in Seychelles! It’s been Nick’s dream destination for years and so, we decided it was the perfect place to end our travels in 2018. We realize for people in the USA, Seychelles is still fairly new. And most people are probably just trying to figure out how to pronounce it properly.

I’ll help you out..

The foreign (aka American) way to pronounce it is SAY-CHEL-IS. But if you’re actually in Seychelles or talking to someone from there it’s only right to pronounce it the way they actually do! SAY-CHELS

Ok, now that the MOST asked question is out of the way, let’s get to a few more…

Where is Seychelles?

Seychelles is a group of islands located on the eastern side of Africa. It sits right below the equator, in the Indian Ocean, directly parallel to Kenya. We took a direct flight from Mauritius, located 2.5 hours (by flight) just south of Seychelles and parallel to Madagascar. If you have the time, they’re great countries to see together on one longer trip! But we’ll save Mauritius for another blogpost!

What is it known for?

The islands of Seychelles are filled with white sand beaches and huge, smooth granite rocks that are just about everywhere. You’ll notice grooves on some of them where flowing water has left its mark. These smooth boulders are what Seychelles is known for! They’re the perfect rocks to climb and explore OR lay your towel on and have a snooze!

Seychelles is also known for the Coco De Mer. It’s the largest nut in the world. You’ll see the shape of it everywhere and trust us…. It will cough cough, catch your eye. It’s shaped like a butt. And it’s everywhere. Jewelry, bottles are shaped after it, food. Everything is shaped like this butt shaped nut. It’s very entertaining.

Seychelles (in our opinion!) is also EXTREMELY safe. The people are kind and inviting. They have laid back, beach life attitudes and they extend that to the visitors that frequent their islands. We felt comfortable leaving our stuff on the beach and taking a swim. We weren’t hounded by people on the beaches. As a woman I felt extremely safe as well as comfortable walking around. We explored both Praslin and La Digue and can honestly say we never had an issue! Just be sure to watch out for the giant tortoises that (slowly) roam the island. Let’s be honest here, you have plenty of time before they get anywhere near you. And they definitely want nothing to do with you. They’re extremely slow but regardless still be on the look out because they’re fun to feed and watch for a bit!


Where to start?

Here is what we did and what we suggest!

You’ll book your flight into Mahé, the main island in Seychelles. It’s a great island but we’d suggest not spending much time there as you’ll want every second to explore the islands of Praslin and La Digue.

Make sure to book your second flight from Mahé to Praslin with enough time in between. Flights can get delayed. It’s better to be sitting at the airport for a few hours than to miss your next connecting flight all together! There is a ferry option between Mahé and Praslin but we heard the ferries are cancelled often, like a lot. And it’s the exact same price as the flight AND it’s extremely bumpy 1 hour boat ride.

We had a wonderful experience on our connecting flight. Yes, it’s a smaller plane. But it’s a quick flight just 20ish minutes or so and you’ll want to have your camera out for the entire time! The islands from above are incredible to see!

We suggest staying on Praslin for a few days and nights. During this time you’ll want to book your ferry ride over to La Digue (whenever you plan to go over). Be sure to book in advance though as the morning ferry rides book up very quickly!

You can split your time between Praslin and La Digue (staying on both islands!) We only stayed on Praslin but wish we had a few nights on La Digue too! We would take the ferry over every other day and spend the entire day on La Digue but it would have been nice to not worry and just stay at a place on La Digue. The ferry is quick, about 15 mins and it’s a nice easy ride. It cost us about $16-17 per person per way. So it can add up for 2 people going twice a day, for multiple days. Just something to keep in mind! You can book online here!

Or you can book in person but again, be early! If you pay in person they do accept credit cards!

Now onto the islands!


You’ll want to rent a car. It’s the easiest way to get around the island of Praslin which can be done in its entirety in about 30 minutes. But don’t let that short time mislead you. There’s A LOT to do and see on this island still!

MarryMeInSeychelles copy.jpg

Beaches on Praslin

Anse Lazio – One of our two favorite beaches on Praslin

Anse Georgette – It is a public beach but it is blocked by Constance Lemuria Resort. You need permission to pass through if you’re not a hotel guest. BUT you can call a day prior and ask to be put on the list OR you can show up in person and chat with the security guard for a while and eventually he’ll feel bad for you and let you in (we may or may not have done the second part). Anse Georgette is VERY much worth it. And the staff is very friendly and kind, so getting on the list is usually never a problem!

Try to check out Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve. We didn’t do this but it was recommended and people had wonderful things to say.

Places to stay

The most luxurious hotels to stay at are Raffles and Constance Lemuria. They are pricey but in our opinion worth it after seeing both grounds. We personally stayed at a small boutique hotel called, Dhevatara Beach Hotel. We found a last minute deal for the hotel on Agoda with breakfast included for only $250 a night. It was 5 star but again, was a very small boutique hotel (we would consider it more of a 4 star since it didn’t have many amenities). Also something to keep in mind, that time of the year (late September-early October 2018) there was A LOT of seaweed on that side of the island so we couldn’t even walk on the beach or swim in the water, on JUST that side. Everything was covered. It wasn’t a problem for us though because we had a car. We loved saving a bit of money and just exploring new beaches on the other side of the island. Don’t get me wrong Dhevatara is a beautiful hotel. It’s clean, the staff is friendly, it’s updated and the food is incredible. We personally thought it was the best food on the island. It’s that good. Even if you don’t stay there, head there for dinner one night!

La Digue


The moment you get to La Digue you’ll want to rent a bike. Which is wonderful because there’s hundreds of bikes as soon as you get off the ferry and plenty of people to rent them from. Anyone will do. Price is always negotiable. We paid a few dollars a day per bike. You take it from them on the spot and then bring it back before your ferry home. Or whatever deal you work out with the person renting. There’s no signatures, no credit cards. It’s very go with the flow and a system that entirely runs on trusting that you’re going to bring back this bike. We rode our bikes around the entire island in about 25 minutes. It’s pretty much all flat and such a nice island to bike through.

You aren’t able to rent a car on the island so if you’re staying on it you’ll have to work out with your accommodation about your bag situation.

Beaches on La Digue


Anse Source d’Argent -the most popular beach on the island and it’s not hard to see why. There is SO much to explore. Keep in mind that as you continue walking there are more and more beaches. If the tide is high it might seem like there aren’t many beaches, that will quickly change. You just aren’t able to see them because the large rocks block your view!

Check out @crystalwaterkayaks – they have a booth setup as soon as you get to Anse Source d’Argent. It’s a great way to explore the clear waters with transparent kayaks and see all that the reef life has to offer!

Anse Patates – for a small and laid back type of beach.


We spent most of our time at the two beaches above. Click here to see all the other beaches and their features!

Fish trap restaurant & bar is a good restaurant right near the ferry port.

We didn’t stay at La Digue because everything was booked and we got such a great deal on Praslin, but we do wish we would have been able to stay at Le Domaine de L’Orangeraie Resort & Spa. Next time!

To be honest, I’m dreaming about the next time we can get to Seychelles. After experiencing it in person, there really just isn’t any place like it. I hope this helped you either decide on Seychelles or helped you plan your own trip there! Be sure to tag us in your pictures or let us know if this blogpost gave you some insight on one of our favorite places! Seychelles!


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