Over the past 6 months of travel we’ve learned quite a few lessons but I think the one that stands out the most is that you don’t have to look the same, live in the same place, follow the same religion or speak the same language to be kind. Kindness has the power to bridge all of the aspects that keep people to themselves. -Holding a door for someone who has their hands full -Helping someone get their bag down from an overhead bin -Inviting someone to dinner that gets into town late -Giving directions…

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14 Days in Thailand

Hello hello! Sorry this is SO delayed but here’s a little bit about our experience in Thailand! Bangkok Everyone starts their honeymoon off in Bangkok, right? Well at least thats how we did! To start off our trip, we flew about 16 hours (with EVA Air) from JFK Airport to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport where we had a layover for a few hours. It then took us about four more hours to fly to Bangkok. When we arrived it was around 11pm at night and we were exhausted. Luckily we realized Thailand not only has Uber but Grab cars…

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NYE Wedding Trailer

Hi everyone! Here is our official wedding video shot by Steve & Jane DiMaggio of Color Room Films LLC. They truly captured our day for what it was and for that, we'll always be thankful. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do. - N&Z

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Our Wedding

A wedding in the dead of winter has its perks and its downfalls. The coldest New Year's Eve in 60 years. An obvious downfall. The cold giving us the perfect amount of snow. Huge perk. Not pictured, the ice cold wind and frozen toes. Downfall. Marrying your soulmate. Ultimate perk to supercede all downfalls. Here's a closer look at the details of our big day... Kicking things off with wedding attire and accessories. Nick knew he wanted us to push the limit. I on the other hand, took a little bit of convincing. As someone who genuinely likes to…

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Paris Engagement

  In October of 2016, I took Zoe on a trip for her birthday to Iceland, somewhere she always wanted to travel to. We then took a surprise trip to Paris, France, where she was then surprised again as I asked her to be my wife (she said Yes!). These are the photos from that day. From then, we had the idea to travel the world together for our honeymoon, thus creating MarryMeInTravel. We hope you continue on the adventure with us around the world come 2018! - Nick

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